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World’s worst person receives irony medal

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What Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will receive the Liberty Medal on Monday for his global human rights work, even as his new autobiography has reignited debate over his political leadership. The medal is given annually by the Philadelphia-based National Constitution Center to individuals or organizations whose actions strive to bring liberty to people [...]

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SCOTUS and Obama broadly define 'material support' of 'terrorist organizations'

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Jesus, take the wheel. SCOTUS recently handed down a decision — reenforcing an Obama administration policy — that is so dumb it rivals John Roberts’s “what is this ‘email’ you speak of?” moment of shame. The court, and Obama, broadly defined “material support” of so-called terrorist organizations. While the relevant statute defines “material support” to [...]

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The Times continues the Iraq revision fun

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I recently wrote about Thomas Friedman’s cute interpretation of the Iraq war. Basically, Dubya was right, and even though Saddam didn’t have any weapons, Iraqis got to vote in an election, so everything evens out. And even if one argues it doesn’t really “even out,” per se, that’s a matter for historians to settle, and [...]

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Kinder, gentler Cheney admits to war crimes

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While haunting the nation’s airwaves this past Sunday, Darth Vader dropped The Bomb: he supports repealing DADT. “The society has moved on,” Cheney said. “It’s partly a generational question.” Progressives and liberals — as you might expect — reacted like battered puppies. They poked their heads out from under the couch — quizzical, slightly trembling. [...]

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The Law is Not a Fringe Issue

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Barbara Herbert, a course director at Tufts University School of Medicine, made a short, but compelling plea in today’s New York Times. Herbert argued that the United States government should convene a truth and reconciliation commission, using the one in South Africa as a model, to investigate into possible crimes committed by the Bush administration.  Such [...]

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Peggy Noonan, Shep Smith, and Jane Harman

Listen here: http://www.breakthruradio.com/index.php?show=6753 Citizen Radio discusses the human disaster known as Peggy Noonan, and her comments about not investigating Bush administration war crimes because life needs to remain “mysterious.” Wow. Jamie talks about getting screamed at by a New Yorker at one of his Australia shows, and why Americans think they’re exceptional. Jane Harman got [...]

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Israel Using Illegal Weapons and Not Reporting Deserters

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Jaisal Noor, The Indypendent Amnesty International released a report Nov. 5 stating that a five-and-a-half-month ceasefire between Israel and Hamas “has brought enormous improvements in the quality of life in Sderot and other Israeli villages near Gaza.” However, it warned that a spate of Israeli and Palestinian attacks and counter-attacks in the previous 24 hours could [...]

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