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The Ecstasy and the Agony

Frank Rich, NYT BARACK OBAMA must savor the moment while he can. It may never get better than this.#mce_temp_url# As he stood before Congress on Tuesday night, the new president was armed with new job approval percentages in the 60s. After his speech, the numbers hit the stratosphere: CBS News found that support for his economic plans spiked [...]

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Criticizing Ty'Sheoma Bethea

Allison Kilkenny 1 Reply

Joan Walsh, Salon I thought it would come from Michelle Malkin or Rush Limbaugh, but Malkin is too busy planning her anti-tax tea parties while Rush gets ready for his close-up at the Conservative Political Action Committee this weekend (which is a collection of nuts so nutty even Sarah Palin stayed away). No, it was the conservative Washington [...]

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