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Occupy D12 port actions, journalist John Knefel arrested, glorious return of Jan Brewer

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Listen to the new episode of Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Allison reports on the Occupy D12 actions, including the arrest of independent journalist and friend of the show John Knefel (@johnknefel). Allison speaks with John’s sister, Molly (@mollyknefel) about his arrest. Also, SCOTUS plans to consider the racist Arizona “show me [...]

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Actual voter suppression, SCOTUS defends Wal-Mart’s sexual bias, updates on kittypocalypse

Listen to the new Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Texas allows concealed handgun licenses as voter ID…but not student ID cards, SCOTUS defends Wal-Mart’s right to discriminate against women, updates on kittypocalypse, the importance of adopting animals, a man robs a bank just so he can get healthcare in prison, Gov. Walker [...]

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Activist judges overturn decades old handgun ban

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Digby makes a super logical observation while discussing today’s SCOTUS decision to overturn a decades old handgun ban, which is that this ruling is obviously the work of pro-gun zealots. Of course, this plainly obvious truth is obscured by a media that refuses to call right-wing legislating “activism,” but consistently labels center-to-left-wing judges and nominees [...]

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SCOTUS and Obama broadly define 'material support' of 'terrorist organizations'

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Jesus, take the wheel. SCOTUS recently handed down a decision — reenforcing an Obama administration policy — that is so dumb it rivals John Roberts’s “what is this ‘email’ you speak of?” moment of shame. The court, and Obama, broadly defined “material support” of so-called terrorist organizations. While the relevant statute defines “material support” to [...]

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DNC Memo: The time has come to ditch poor people

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To: Members of the Democratic Party* From: DNC Communications Date: 1/22/10 RE: A New 50 State Strategy: Ditch the poor, social programs, the unions, and consumer protections When the Supreme Court decided Thursday to allow unlimited political campaign spending by corporations, the highest court in the land not only forever changed the way politics works [...]

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Sotomayor's important statement about corporations

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Last week, Justice Sonia Sotomayor made a “provocative comment” that probed the foundations of corporate law. The case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, involves whether federal campaign finance laws apply to a critical film about Hillary Clinton intended to be shown in theaters and on-demand to cable subscribers. The court’s majority conservatives agreed that corporations [...]

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U.S. district judge reject leads Sotomayor opposition

Jeff Sessions, the Alabama Senator who led the charge against Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation yesterday, continued his assault against Sotomayor today. It’s no secret that Sessions fears Sotomayor will inject “racial bias” into her court decisions, a baseless anxiety made all the more laughable coming from Sessions, a man accused by multiple witnesses of being a [...]

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