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New Citizen Radio: Keith Olbermann’s suspension, Rally For Sanity, Oakland riots, and Listener Mail

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Hear Monday’s Citizen Radio by subscribing to the free podcast. Non-iTunes users can subscribe to the feed at wearecitizenradio.com. Today, Jamie offers a shout-out to the Bay area, and a not-so-enthusiastic shout-out to a whole lot of pissed off white people. Next, Citizen Radio discusses the stupid decision to suspend Keith Olbermann for *gasp!* being [...]

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Mark Twain: shrill leftist agent

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If only Twain had instead indulged in post-modern, funny-sign-making, we’re-too-cool-to-actually-protest wankery. Commenter MikeBoyScout writes: I’m pretty sure all the Very Serious People in 1860 knew we’d always need and have slaves, and that racism was based upon fact. I just went to an exhibition about Mark Twain yesterday and was struck by how much he sounded [...]

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