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Fox News boss instructed staff not to use phrase ‘public option’ because it tested too well

Allison Kilkenny 7 Replies

Media Matters has posted a very interesting report that once again illustrates just how laughable the Fox News slogan “Fair and Balanced” really is. It seems the network’s Washington managing editor, Bill Sammon, sent around a memo instructing his staff not to the use the phrase “public option” because it was testing too well. Instead, [...]

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Rahm gives nation healthcare IOU

Allison Kilkenny 6 Replies

With Mr. Obama’s health care overhaul stalled on Capitol Hill, Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, said in an interview that Democrats would try to act first on job creation, reducing the deficit and imposing tighter regulation on banks before returning to the health measure, the president’s top priority from last year. – via [...]

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The media's bizarre interpretation of Obama's declining popularity

Allison Kilkenny 10 Replies

The incorrigible “liberal media” has been practically marinating in its own saliva as it obsessively tracks the decline of Obama’s popularity. The declarations from corporate desk jockeys, who appear to get a sexual thrill from declaring Obama’s “wax wings” have melted and the President is currently plummeting toward earth, are probably premature. A little over half of [...]

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Obama's solution is to pay the enemy

Allison Kilkenny 29 Replies

During his speech before a joint session of Congress, President Obama called for the creation of insurance exchanges, a system designed to allow consumers to see varying prices and programs so they can comparison shop. Obama only mentioned the P-word once, and even then the public option name drop was immediately followed by the caveats [...]

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Meet the real death panels

Allison Kilkenny 2 Replies

In anticipation of President Obama’s speech tonight before a joint session of Congress, Sarah Palin has resurrected the “death panels” myth. Writing in the Wall Street Journal (one of the last forums willing to spread her misinformed hate other than Facebook,) Palin asks, “is it any wonder that many of the sick and elderly are [...]

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