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Corporate tax-dodgers, MRA has a sad, ex-cop Christopher Dorner now a target for drones

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Listen to the new episode of Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Allison and Jamie discuss corporate tax-dodgers, the poop…er…pope retiring, William Shatner being the man, this MRA who has a sad because of teh feminists, and how ex-cop Christopher Dorner is now a target for drones. Citizen Radio is a member-supported show. Visit wearecitizenradio.com to sign up and support [...]

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No more Dark Thursdays, Church blames child rape on teh gayz, ‘Mittens’ Romney, Ayn Rand, Wisconsin

Listen to the new Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. It’s the end of Dark Thursdays! Citizen Radio is now a five day per week operation thanks to all of you! Also, the church blames child rape on teh gayz, Allison and Jamie speculate who the GOP’s presidential frontrunners are, we find out what would happen [...]

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Call me old-fashioned, but…

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A good way to compensate victims would be to not facilitate their rapists thereby preventing victimhood in the first place, no? As Pope Benedict XVI arrived here Thursday for the first state visit to Britain by a pope, he offered his strongest criticism yet of the Roman Catholic Church’s handling of the sex abuse crisis, [...]

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Nothing matters except the church's image

In what the Times calls his “strongest and most direct condemnation of the sexual abuse crisis that has swept the Catholic Church,” the Pope said that the “sins inside the church” posed the greatest threat to Catholicism, also adding that “forgiveness does not substitute justice.” Let’s explore the rest of his statements, shall we? “Attacks [...]

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The Vatican apologists carry on

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Now is the time the Vatican apologists will: A) Continue their disgusting tradition of acting as apologists for child torturers and rapists, or B) Revise their history of acting as Vatican apologists, and claim none of these accusations are surprising — and gee! — can’t Catholics clean house, and send the kid-toucher priests to an [...]

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