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Wendy Davis is aware of us! Also, Quebec oil train disaster is a corporate crime, more on Pelican Bay hunger strike

Listen to the new episode of Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Allison and Jamie shout-out Maniac Courtney who got a CR flyer into the hands of Wendy Davis, thank Rebecca Rose for her very nice thank you, discuss how the Quebec oil train disaster is a corporate crime, creepy MRAs and the Edmonton slut walk, the Pelican Bay [...]

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Meet France’s new president, Palestinian hunger strikes, McChrystal teaches ‘off the record’ Yale course

Listen to the new episode of Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Meet François Hollande, France’s new socialist president, who is anti-austerity (good!) but also anti-BDS (bad!), Palestinian hunger strikes, North Carolina votes on the anti-gay marriage Amendment 1 today, Chuck Todd’s daily stupid comment, Stanley McChrystal teaches an ‘off the record‘ Yale course, and revisiting the BP disaster two years later. Due [...]

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State Dept’s cozy relationship with Keystone lobbyist, #OWS confuses establishment media

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Listen to the new episode of Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. State Department’s cozy relationship with a Keystone lobbyist, Occupy Wall Street confuses establishment media, Chris Christie (surprise!) isn’t running, Georgia prepares to kill another potentially innocent man, Alabama’s new immigration law alienates Hispanic community, Michigan Republicans prepares to push another crazy [...]

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NYPD infiltrates Muslim communities, 100+ arrested protesting pipeline, Jamie’s cape

Listen to the new episode of Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. More than 100 people arrested protesting the Keystone pipeline in DC, NYPD infiltrates Muslim communities, sometimes out-of-state, Jamie’s cape, FOX News’ audience is confused by facts. Special guest: Journalist Josh Eidelson (@josheidelson) joins the show to discuss bisexuality, unions, and Boeing. [...]

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Surprise! Libya has a bunch of oil. Also, “shadow Internet,” sexism in comedies

Listen to the new Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Surprise! Libya has a bunch of oil that Libyans wanted to nationalize before NATO invaded the country. Glenn Greenwald doesn’t think that’s a coincidence. Also, the US government is setting up a shadow internet to ostensibly aid dissidents. Allison expresses her concerns. Then, [...]

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At least Tony got his life back

Meanwhile, down there… More than eight months after an oil rig explosion launched the biggest oil disaster in U.S. history, Louisiana officials say they’re still finding thick layers of oil along parts of the state’s coastline. “Every day, this shoreline is moving inland,” lessening flood protection for residents, Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser said. On [...]

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Citizen Radio: Halliburton and BP’s criminal culpability, Andrew Breitbart’s ABC gig, Jamie finds out he’s dyslexic

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Hear this, and all episodes of Citizen Radio, by subscribing to the free podcast at wearecitizenradio.com. In this episode… It turns out Halliburton and BP were aware that the cement used in the Deeepwater Horizon’s oil rig was deeply flawed. Allison argues that this makes the companies criminally culpable for the deaths of the 11 [...]

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