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House GOP screw over poor kids, gun violence in Chicago, one nice thing and one mean thing about NYT

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Listen to the new episode of Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Allison and Jamie share their investment fail, House GOP vote to screw over poor kids, the White House’s close ties to NSA spying review, gun violence in Chicago and lack of public outrage, Ex-Halliburton manager charged in BP oil spill probe, when the employed live in homeless [...]

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Supreme Court hears Arizona’s controversial ‘papers’ argument, Occupy interrupts shareholder meetings

Listen to the new episode of Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Allison and Jamie talk about the Occupy/ACT UP protest in New York, the Supreme Court appears to favor Arizona on its controversial immigration law, Occupy protesters disrupt corporate shareholder meetings, Netroots decides to play nice with President Obama, the feds make the first arrest following the BP oil [...]

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Otep Shamaya on vegetarianism and Obama, BP’s one year disaster anniversary, Jan Brewer interview

Listen to the new Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Singer-songwriter and lead vocalist of Otep, Otep Shamaya, visits Citizen Radio to talk about vegetarianism, coming up in the metal scene, recording an album in post-Katrina New Orleans, her disappointment with President Obama, and how much she loves laughing at crazy Republicans. Check [...]

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Citizen Radio: Mother Jones’ Kate Sheppard talks Halliburton and BP, Dan Burke on refugee prisons

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It’s been a hell of a week at Citizen Radio (which you can hear by subscribing for free at wearecitizenradio.com) We talked full-body scanners and racial profiling, celebrated our 200TH EPISODE and interviewed Mother Jones‘ Kate Sheppard about environmental politics, Halliburton, and BP, and Daniel Burke about Australia’s refugee prisons. It’s time to call sabotage, [...]

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Video: oil beneath sand at Fort Pickens Pensacola Beach

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74wULDaidyY] It’s possible that sand keeps washing in from the ocean and redepositing atop the oil. However, if that’s the case, then this kind of video does not bode well for BP’s overall clean-up effort. Are they just removing some of the oil, then leaving once the sand washes back over the remaining pollution? Like [...]

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Allegations emerge BP is dumping sand to cover oil

Yesterday, I contacted a friend of mine, C.S. Muncy, who is a photojournalist currently raising all kinds of hell down in southern Louisiana. C.S.’s original goal was to gain access to some of the areas being guarded by BP contractors and deemed “off limits” to reporters, but yesterday he, along with Save Our Shores‘s Judson Parker, [...]

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The nation's other non-BP disasters

Surely, the BP disaster deserves the obsessive coverage it has received (thus far). But at the risk of missing some other important stories, I want to briefly address two somewhat overlooked catastrophes – one that has already taken place, and one that possesses the potential to be horrific, but we still have time to stop. [...]

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