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Revisiting an overlooked WTF moment

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I posted this the other day on Twitter, but really didn’t give the story the WTF?!? treatment it so clearly deserves. In fact, it took someone re-tweeting the story with the prelude “HOLY FUCKING SHIT” to remind me just how horrible it really is. A massive fish kill has been reported in Louisiana – right [...]

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Whistleblower: BP used dispersants to hide oil

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Fred McCallister, a whistleblower who claims BP is using dispersants to sink oil and hide it from the pesky media’s cameras, will testify before a Senate investigative panel this week. For quite some time, many bloggers and journalists following the BP-Corexit story, including me, have made the allegation that BP may have been experimenting by dumping [...]

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Video: oil beneath sand at Fort Pickens Pensacola Beach

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74wULDaidyY] It’s possible that sand keeps washing in from the ocean and redepositing atop the oil. However, if that’s the case, then this kind of video does not bode well for BP’s overall clean-up effort. Are they just removing some of the oil, then leaving once the sand washes back over the remaining pollution? Like [...]

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Pensacola Councilman: BP bringing in sand to cover oil, has evidence

C.S. Muncy, the photojournalist I interviewed a couple days ago about how BP has allegedly been covering beached oil with sand, posted this video of Pensacola Councilman, Larry Johnson, repeating the accusation on MSNBC. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRbRulZCiGw] Johnson: I really think that the federal government should be playing a bigger role. BP, you know, we’ve found them [...]

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Allegations emerge BP is dumping sand to cover oil

Yesterday, I contacted a friend of mine, C.S. Muncy, who is a photojournalist currently raising all kinds of hell down in southern Louisiana. C.S.’s original goal was to gain access to some of the areas being guarded by BP contractors and deemed “off limits” to reporters, but yesterday he, along with Save Our Shores‘s Judson Parker, [...]

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Contractors raking in mad cash in wake of BP disaster

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God, this is depressing. The industrial sector is just about extinct, corporations are fleeing the country to exploit cheap foreign labor, unions are gasping their last breaths, and 6.8 million Americans have been unemployed 27 weeks, or longer (the numbers are higher in places like Detriot, which has 30 percent unemployment, but the media doesn’t [...]

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