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Contractors raking in mad cash in wake of BP disaster

Allison Kilkenny 1 Reply

God, this is depressing. The industrial sector is just about extinct, corporations are fleeing the country to exploit cheap foreign labor, unions are gasping their last breaths, and 6.8 million Americans have been unemployed 27 weeks, or longer (the numbers are higher in places like Detriot, which has 30 percent unemployment, but the media doesn’t [...]

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Illegal war and bailouts aside, that guy is on steroids!

Allison Kilkenny 4 Replies

This is a weird country. Actually, it’s not the country itself that’s strange, but the media and the gubment, and their childlike fixation on sex and sports. This was most recently demonstrated in the media-led circuses that broke out post-Tiger Woods extramarital boinking and Mark McGwire’s steroid confession. The media and the gubment (mubment?) love [...]

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Goldman Sachs: PR disaster machine

Allison Kilkenny 9 Replies

Maybe Goldman Sachs should board up their windows and take a break for a month, or six. The public hasn’t been too pleased with Goldman for a while — with the billions of dollars in bailouts, cozy ties to the current administration, and the payments of lavish bonuses, while the US unemployment rate hit 10.2 [...]

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Congressman to Bernanke: Where's the money?

Allison Kilkenny 7 Replies

Update: This article has been edited to read “$2 trillion in taxpayer money.” The original read “$2 million in taxpayer money.” This week, Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) launched UnMaskTheFed, a website devoted to finding out where the $2 trillion in taxpayer money went during the bailout frenzy. Grayson wants answers before Chairman of the Federal [...]

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