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Happy Labor Day!…no one has jobs, return of Drunken Uganda, confessions of a former GOP hack

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Listen to the new Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Happy Labor Day! Unemployment is still extremely high, and doesn’t count those who couldn’t find jobs, the under-employed, and minimum wage workers. The CIA once handed over a key Libyan rebel to Gaddafi, Drunken Uganda wishes a listener a very happy birthday, and a [...]

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The jungle is still with us

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Over 100 years later, workers in Hershey’s plant describe the same inhumane process of “speeding up” described in Upton Sinclair’s Jungle: The Jungle, 1906: But let no one suppose that this superfluity of employees meant easier work for any one! On the contrary, the speeding-up seemed to be growing more savage all the time; they [...]

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Projectile vomit blowin’ in the wind

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Oh, hello. I’ve been somewhat MIA the last few days because I’m currently in Seattle for Bumbershoot (Citizen Radio co-host Jamie Kilstein is performing in the festival). I’m not a music reviewer, so my inarticulate summary of my experience thus far translates: Edward Sharpe = AWESOME! Other than dancing like a dirty hippy to a [...]

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