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The brave armchair generals calling for Julian Assange’s criminalization

Allison Kilkenny 12 Replies

Here is the list of the patriotic warriors who have criminalized Julian Assange 1. Candice Miller, Congresswoman She wants to shut down the site: http://is.gd/gzk8x “Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are criminals whose actions support terrorists and criminal regimes around the world. It is now long past time for our government to shut WikiLeaks down” http://candicemiller.house.g [...]

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Hilda Solis shocks everyone, acts like a Democrat

Allison Kilkenny 9 Replies

Soon after she became the nation’s labor secretary, Hilda Solis warned corporate America there was “a new sheriff in town.” Less than a year into her tenure, that figurative badge of authority is unmistakable. Her aggressive moves to boost enforcement and crack down on businesses that violate workplace safety rules have sent employers scrambling to make sure [...]

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