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The first Tuesday episode! Anti-choicers and Anarchists

Listen to the new Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Many states are considering radically anti-choice pieces of legislation, but what is the GOP’s solution to women’s reproductive health? Is Jesus now the national gynecologist?  Also, John McCain flip-flops on Gaddafi, Obama starts to cave on protecting benefits, a MMA fighter named Jeff Monson fucks [...]

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George Will Denies Global Warming Is Real (Seriously.)

Allison Kilkenny Leave a Reply

TPM Looks like Fred Barnes isn’t the only high-profile conservative columnist still arguing that climate change doesn’t really exist. Over the weekend, the Washington Post‘s George Will, got in on the act. And it took us about ten minutes — longer, it appears, than the Post‘s editors spent — to figure out that Will, like Barnes, was essentially making stuff [...]

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