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Comcast hungry: Meet the media's Goldman Sachs

Allison Kilkenny 4 Replies

Comcast, the largest cable operator in the United States, has reached an agreement to acquire NBC Universal from the General Electric Company after nearly nine months of negotiations. The mainstream media seems pretty pleased. The deal will “reshape the TV industry!” the New York Times cries. The Washington Post sighs in relief that the take [...]

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U.S. and India agree it's much easier to blow up the planet than save it

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NEW DELHI — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton touted prospects for strengthening U.S.-India relations, despite sharp differences on carbon emissions, as they readied a pact giving U.S. companies more access to India’s expanding markets. via Hillary Clinton, Indian Official Clash Over Climate Change Efforts. Fear not, citizenry. The United States and India managed [...]

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Obama VS GE: Getting tough with corporations

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General Electric has become the biggest beneficiary of one of the rescue programs originally designed for banks, according to the Washington Post. However, GE has also managed to avoid the restrictions and regulations placed upon the financial institutions by exploiting a loophole in the rescue program, and claiming two small Utah banking institutions qualified it for government (read: taxpayer [...]

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