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On hipsters and Hitler, update on Bangladesh factory fire, our future Water World

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Listen to the new episode of Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Allison and Jamie discuss the relationship between hipsters and Hitler, give updates on the Bangladesh factory fire, talk about the targetting of journalists by Israel, the UN passing a resolution on female genital mutilation, drone stories, another innocent black teen gunned down, the ongoing fuckery known as the War on Drugs, global horrific [...]

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Drone porn hits Youtube

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(Updated) The Defense Department recently began placing the Predator and Reaper mission clips on YouTube. Ranging from relatively detached wide shots of bombings taken by onboard cameras to startlingly graphic close-ups, the so-called “drone porn” has been a smash hit, as it were, tallying over 10 million views. – via Drone Porn: The Newest Youtube [...]

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