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Otep Shamaya on vegetarianism and Obama, BP’s one year disaster anniversary, Jan Brewer interview

Listen to the new Citizen Radio and subscribe to the free podcast. Singer-songwriter and lead vocalist of Otep, Otep Shamaya, visits Citizen Radio to talk about vegetarianism, coming up in the metal scene, recording an album in post-Katrina New Orleans, her disappointment with President Obama, and how much she loves laughing at crazy Republicans. Check [...]

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At least Tony got his life back

Meanwhile, down there… More than eight months after an oil rig explosion launched the biggest oil disaster in U.S. history, Louisiana officials say they’re still finding thick layers of oil along parts of the state’s coastline. “Every day, this shoreline is moving inland,” lessening flood protection for residents, Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser said. On [...]

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Citizen Radio: Halliburton and BP’s criminal culpability, Andrew Breitbart’s ABC gig, Jamie finds out he’s dyslexic

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Hear this, and all episodes of Citizen Radio, by subscribing to the free podcast at wearecitizenradio.com. In this episode… It turns out Halliburton and BP were aware that the cement used in the Deeepwater Horizon’s oil rig was deeply flawed. Allison argues that this makes the companies criminally culpable for the deaths of the 11 [...]

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Contractors raking in mad cash in wake of BP disaster

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God, this is depressing. The industrial sector is just about extinct, corporations are fleeing the country to exploit cheap foreign labor, unions are gasping their last breaths, and 6.8 million Americans have been unemployed 27 weeks, or longer (the numbers are higher in places like Detriot, which has 30 percent unemployment, but the media doesn’t [...]

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BP: The media's Katrina

The President and the media can’t help BP rush through the unpleasantness of poisoning the ocean quickly enough. First, the government (starting with Bush, but extending through Obama’s reign) staffed the MMS with incompetents, who apparently alternated between allowing oil and gas company workers to fill out their own inspection forms, accepting Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl tickets [...]

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