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Celebrating pretend and cruel Conservatives

Allison Kilkenny 14 Replies

Bobo somehow managed to survive his latest access-induced fever to scribble down some notes involving a wonderful dream he had about a “fiscal Conservative” named Meg Whitman. You see, Meg is a total babe because she spent $120 million on her campaign to become California’s governor, but she has the common decency to keep an [...]

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Tea Party's bigotry is a birthmark, not a tattoo

Allison Kilkenny 44 Replies

The very public implosion of the Republican base into a tribe of frothing-at-the-mouth racist, homophobic militants has been so extensively documented that it has inspired former Conservative bloggers like John Cole and Andrew Sullivan to renounce and/or heavily modify their political ideologies. Through it all, the claim from party leadership and beltway insiders has been that [...]

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Texas whitewashing is latest stage of Textbook Wars

Allison Kilkenny 8 Replies

It’s tempting to dismiss the recent whitewashing of history by the Texas Board of Education as a parochial problem. However, the board’s decisions to erase Thomas Jefferson, Cesar Chavez, the separation of Church and State (all while exalting the glories of Capitalism, The Heritage Foundation, and the Moral Majority) are more than poor judgments worthy [...]

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The Contraception Freakout

Allison Kilkenny Leave a Reply

American Prospect I’ve never bought the idea that opposition to abortion is solely about controlling women’s bodies. I’ve just known too many people who were genuinely sincere in their religious beliefs that abortion is wrong. But I’ve seen little evidence that conservatives’ hostility to contraception, to methods that prevent unwanted pregnancies and therefore abortions, from [...]

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