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Fox News boss instructed staff not to use phrase ‘public option’ because it tested too well

Allison Kilkenny 7 Replies

Media Matters has posted a very interesting report that once again illustrates just how laughable the Fox News slogan “Fair and Balanced” really is. It seems the network’s Washington managing editor, Bill Sammon, sent around a memo instructing his staff not to the use the phrase “public option” because it was testing too well. Instead, [...]

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The GOP comprehensive recovery plan: Eat the poor

Allison Kilkenny 4 Replies

Back during the healthcare debate, certain Republicans claimed we didn’t need reform because when the existing healthcare system failed, private charity organizations would magically step in to fill the void. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) told an uninsured woman with growing tumors that she should seek “existing government programs” or find charity. CHURCHILL: I have a very close [...]

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New Citizen Radio: Alan Grayson, Marcy Wheeler, and W. Kamau Bell

Listen to the interviews here. Citizen Radio interviews Congressman Alan Grayson about standing up to Republicans (including describing the GOP healthcare plan as “Don’t get sick, and if you do, die quickly,”) Wall Street, party opposition – even from his fellow Democrats, and what makes him happy. Next, blogger Marcy Wheeler AKA Emptywheel talks about the [...]

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Thousands queue for free healthcare (again)

Allison Kilkenny 6 Replies

Washington has repeatedly demonstrated its inability to cope with more than one big issue at a time. As a result, the broken healthcare system is in danger of slipping off the radar even though millions of Americans still suffer the terrible fate of the un- and underinsured. Lindsey Graham demonstrated the epic freakout disguised as [...]

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Healthcare was not the 'best-covered news story, ever'

Allison Kilkenny 8 Replies

Harold Pollack went out on a limb, and unfortunately fell off the edge, when he suggested that healthcare reform was the “best-covered news story, ever.” Not even Pollack himself seems to really believe that premise as he peppers caveats throughout the article, and ultimately cites a few genuine examples of good journalism that occurred during healthcare reform. Ultimately, however, [...]

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Tea Party harbors a dwindling, confused demographic

Allison Kilkenny 10 Replies

Charles Blow points out the obvious. The Tea Party is home to a dwindling demographic: the white, Evangelical Christian, who is “less educated … than the average Joe and Jane Six-Pack” according to a Quinnipiac University poll released this week. As Blow points out, these voters are anachronistic to the country’s demographics. the country is [...]

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The violence and lies post-reform medley

Allison Kilkenny 29 Replies

The most frequent dissent I received in response to my post about Tea Party bigotry is that racist teabaggers are a small part of the Republican Party, and they do not represent the party at large. But there has been a shocking lack of condemnation on the part of Republican leadership in the wake of these [...]

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