BEST OF: Ethicist, activist, and author, Peter Singer!

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Originally aired 3/17/10: Citizen Radio interviews Peter Singer, the world-renowned ethicist, philosopher, activist, and author!

Peter is author of the new book, The Life You Can Save in which he argues that individuals making modest donations to charity can help reduce extreme poverty. It seems logical, but millions of people decide to buy new pairs of shoes rather than use that money to save a child’s life every single day.

Outside academic circles, Singer is best known for his book Animal Liberation, widely regarded as the book that began the animal liberation movement.

Peter’s views on animal liberation and other issues in bioethics have attracted attention and a degree of controversy. Specifically, his views on euthanasia, abortion, and infanticide have attracted widespread criticism. He joins Citizen Radio to argue that – in some cases – it is not wrong to humanely euthanize a suffering being.

He joins Citizen Radio to talk about how tiny modifications in our lives, and donating in small quantities to charities, can save lives. Peter also discusses the “culture of giving,” the selfish argument for giving, vegetarianism (and its impact on the environment,) religion, morality, healthcare reform, euthanasia, his inspirations, and what makes him happy.

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