Oakland protesters shut down port, clash with police, OWS marches to Goldman Sachs

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Oakland protesters shut down port, clash with police, while Occupy Wall Street demonstrators march to Goldman Sachs in order to confront former President George W. Bush. Also, Jamie discusses a story about two black men who were asked at a bar to give up their seats for white women.

This episode brought to you by WALBERRY sandwhiches: some cranberries mashed between two walnuts, invented by Jamie Kilstein.

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  1. Regarding: The Clairemont Mayoral Forum and Bob Filner’s chances north of Interstate 8, consider the following assessment. Our last Democratic Mayor Maureen O’Connor had less of a demographic edge yet prevailed over a well heeled television newscaster, Dick Carlson. Madame O’Connor’s victory was in large measure a result of her longstanding and warm relationship with both Union-Tribune Publisher Helen Copley and former Mayor Pete Wilson. Also, as the Kennedy’s, The O’Connor Family was legend in these parts. Being from a large Irish Catholic Family was probably an asset, at least with law enforcement. So, to overtake the young, charismatic and sincere Nathan Fletcher, I believe Filner needs to take from his opponents playbook of control and order, that is, north of Interstate 8. As former mayoral candidate Peter Navarro once lamented of Clairemont, it was the Plant 19 folks that sank him. Daniel J Smiechowski 858 220 4613 3965 Paducah Drive San Diego Ca 92117

  2. The Bob Filner for Mayor Campaign draws from the playbook of The City of Milwaukee’s so-called socialist government during the years shortly after WWII until the mid sixties. There are some parallels in social policy which I believe would enhance our quality of life. The city of churches as Milwaukee is often called was an immigrant rich municipality which for the most part shared common social values. The city of beer and bratwurst was home to a great number of Poles, Germans and Italians. Social Institutions including public libraries, public transportation, museums, golf courses, public infrastructure including roads and upkeep, schools and medical services were some of the best in America. The residents demanded it from their mayor. Crime rates were low and all the citizens of the great city of Milwaukee were satisfied in their leadership. San Diego for all it’s wealth and brain power needs a collaboration of all residents in rebuilding our great city, not downtown elites and well healed self absorbed power brokers speaking for the rank and file. Bob Filner wll open the door of city hall to all folks. Daniel J. Smiechowski San Diego

  3. Regarding: The saga of the Filner foibles as per our Mayor’s temperament in being a political leader. So our Mayor is again dusting it up in San Diego’s local arena, this time with the City Attorney and fellow Democratic Councilman Todd Gloria. In Philosophical parlance, the hysterical personality being those stigmatized souls overcome with emotion, are most often viewed as being associated with truth. Not to mention the so-called myth of control so hypocritically misunderstood in our society. Mayor Filner’s emotion’s with regard to governing our fine city ought to be judged in context to all of our moral and ethical contradictions. Mr. Filner saved my home from foreclosure, saved my Father’s VA Pension, called me at home to offer help when he was in Congress and got me elected to the local Democratic County Committee. The citizens of our city ought to be more concerned and outraged that a golfer named Tiger Woods is participating in San Diego’s premier sporting event. Where are our priorities? Give Bob Filner a break and go do some good deeds instead of sitting in the arena. Daniel J. Smiechowski 858 220 4613 3965 Paducah Drive 92117-5319 San Diego

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