Community Board passes resolution on Occupy Wall Street

“Community Board Resolution 1″ just passed in response to certain complaints about OWS’s presence at Liberty Park. The resolution calls for:

1) Limited use of drums and other instruments to two hours per day
2) Introduction of off-site bathrooms at local shops
3) Adoption of agreed-upon “Good Neighbor Policy”
4) Work with local, small businesses to address economic impacts
5) Immediate meeting with NYPD on barricade removal
6) NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications to establish consistent policy on 311 calls regarding park disturbances.

(via Democracy Now’s Ryan Devereaux who live-tweeted the vote)

One Comment

  1. Any movement, if it’s to succeed, has to make more friends than enemies, and as we engage the issues, we have to do what we can to enlighten ourselves and our neighbors as to how we arrived at this godawful juncture in our history, so that we might find a way out of it. The plot has yet to thicken.

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