U.S. Post Office is not broke, updates on the class war, mass starvation in Africa

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Chuck Zlatkin, political director of the NY Metro Area Postal Union, explains the post office is not broke, but it is the target of the GOP and moderate Democrats. Also, it’s going to cost you $25 to see your loved ones in prison if you live in Arizona, and the media ignores mass starvation in Africa.

Special guest: Stoned Jesus

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  1. CR Listener

    1. Here is the link to the Mother Jones article:

    “Millions are starving in the Horn of Africa, but Nobody’s Talking about it”


    2. Thank you for the interview with Chuck Zlatkin. I think that it was one of the best I’ve heard on CR. I wish he would use twitter more (https://twitter.com/#!/chuckzlatkin). It’s interesting to see that he is also a founding member of Chelsea Neighbors United to End the War(s).

    3. ICYMI: Here is Paul Jay’s interview this week with a former UAW local president discussing neo-liberal Obama’s praise of unions for joining other American workers in the race to the bottom:


    P.S., Internet tip: If you type ‘define ‘ into many search engines, then this will provide links to online dictionaries. In addition to definitions, many of the dictionaries provide a speaker icon that plays an audio file with the pronunciation of the word.

    For example,


    (Pronounced with a short I as in “prim and proper” rather than a long I as in “Prime Suspect.”)

    Merriam-Webster is my favorite for this (the sound files play without static). They also provide short, two-minute videos next to the definition in which editors at the dictionary talk about word/language/grammar topics.

  2. CR Listener

    Why do we never hear about banking as a public service in the U.S.?

    Until Ellen Brown wrote about it earlier this year, I had never heard of the Japanese Postal Savings System (only the largest bank in the world–larger than Citi), which provides an example of banking as a public service, too.


    Brown has been writing about and advocating for public banking for the past several years:


    Here is her most recent article on the Bank of North Dakota:


  3. CR Listener

    ICYMI, Jon Stewart discussed the Postal Service hearings yesterday, and completely misrepresented the situation. Unfortunately, his mother is a teacher and not a postal worker so he doesn’t know much about what is going on. If only there was someone who knew people who knew Jon Stewart…

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