Peter King’s McCarthy act, union-busting in Wisconsin, tribute to Mike DeStefano

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Peter King ushers in a new shameful period by harassing the Muslim community. Jamie and Allison discuss this travesty, and also the one highlight from King’s hearing: Keith Ellison’s moving testimonial. The GOP in Wisconsin have stripped unions of the right to collectively bargain, and now there are rumors of an impending general strike. The ruling will be challenged in court, and the decision places new importance on the upcoming Supreme Court battle between David Prosser (R) and JoAnn Kloppenberg (D).

Labor journalist Mike Elk reports on Gov. Walker’s alleged “concessions,” and the Shock Doctrine at work in Wisconsin. Also, Michael Moore visited the protesters in Wisconsin to offer them words of encouragement. Finally, Jamie talks about his friend, comic Mike DeStefano, who recently died.

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  1. Montana

    Why doesn’t this Peter T. King investigate the “Home Grown” radicalization of Irish Americans, who support the tradition wing of the IRA (Irish Republican Army), or Noraid (The Irish Northern Aid Committee), and being recruited by “Enemy Overseas” or worse “Enemy Overseas” the “Catholic Church ”, where they radicalize the priests into raping our young American boys, what about that you hypocrite scumbag.

    Peter King is a hypocrite, he supported the terrorist group IRA, who killed innocent British people, but hey I guess that was OK, right? Killing innocent people is OK, as long as they are not born is the United States, yup that sounds about right. I guess Jesus Christ would give all you extra points for that, NOT!

    No, there are no dancing in the street when Catholics hear about a pedophile priest, but there has been a concerted effort to Deny, Deflect, Defend this “Enemy Overseas” the “Catholic Church ”, I don’t even think you could deny that fact. What would Jesus Christ, say about this so called Church, I have a few thoughts myself.—matt-stone

    47 seconds in;—matt-stone

  2. Michael Simmons

    If the Fourth Amendment was actually ENFORCED, people like DeStefano would be HIV-, healthy, and going about their business. Enforcing the Fourth Amendment would mean ending the drug war JUDICIALLY. But then, we wouldn’t want to be “activists” who save lives and increase freedom, now would we?

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