You are what they say you are

A couple people have sent me this horrible video of a Utah man who was shot to death by police for daring to raise a golf club when they stormed into his home.

Apparently, the cops thought he was a big time drug dealer. They ended up finding “paraphernalia” and an empty vial of meth, hardly a score that warrants executing a human being. His family claims he was a drug user, but never a drug dealer. Not that it matters at this point.

Police informants said they’d seen Blair sell drugs, but no investigators witnessed any transactions.

If some anonymous informant or the cops say it’s true, then it’s true.

A 24-year-old California woman says she was Tasered Monday after being mistaken for a robbery suspect, reports.

Andrea Boarman said she went to a CVS pharmacy in Rancho Cordova to buy candy while the store was being robbed, according to the station. Boarman said that when she walked outside the store after the robbery, she was contacted by officers who told her to wait by a police cruiser.

Officers reportedly said that Boarman matched the same general description of the suspect — a black female wearing dark clothing.

Boarman said she tried to show officers her receipt from the store upon questioning but was knocked to the ground and shot with a Taser instead.

Look, what’s important is a black female got tasered. Sure, she might have been the wrong black female, but those kind of petty details are best left to the ACLU to sort out.

Due process is so 20th century. This is the country that illegally detains people indefinitely without trial. Nowadays, if the authorities say you’re a terrorist (Gitmo, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, etc.,) drug dealer, or robber, you automatically become that pariah even if you’re completely innocent of the charges. Don’t anticipate a fair trial in front of your peers. Expect to be jailed, tasered, or executed immediately.

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  1. Michael Simmons

    We’re not going to let them activist liberal judges and that godless ACLU let them get out of it with their fancy-pants lawyering. Shoot them on the spot, hang ‘em high, the rotten maggots!!! /sarcasm

    I’m 34 years old. You realize that for my entire life, there has been a movement to do it this way, where they just kill without a trial? And people who support this type of think really think like what I wrote here before “/sarcasm”.

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