The brave armchair generals calling for Julian Assange’s criminalization

Here is the list of the patriotic warriors who have criminalized Julian Assange

1. Candice Miller, Congresswoman

She wants to shut down the site:

“Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are criminals whose actions support terrorists and criminal regimes around the world. It is now long past time for our government to shut WikiLeaks down” ov/2010/12/it-is- past-time-to-shut- down-wikileaks.shtml

2. Jonah Goldberg Journalist

“Kill Julian Assange” Jonah Goldberg is an editor-at-large of National Review Online and a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. news/politics/ war_room/ 2010/10/29/ jonah_goldberg_kill_j ulian_assange

3. Christian Whiton Journalist

Here are some of the things the U.S. could do: 1. Indict Mr. Assange and his colleagues for espionage, regardless of whether he is presently in a U.S. jurisdiction, and ask our allies to do the same. 2. Explore opportunities for the president to designate WikiLeaks and its officers as enemy combatants, paving the way for non-judicial actions against them.

3. Freeze the assets of the WikiLeaks organization and its supporters, and sanction financial organizations working with this terrorist-enabling organization so they cannot clear transactions denominated in U.S. dollars.

Read more: http:// opinion/ 2010/10/25/ christian-whiton- wiki-leaks-ignore- threat-obama- democrats-congress- iraq-war/ #ixzz16zFf5uAh

4. Bill O’Reilly FOX NEWS, Journalist

“Whoever leaked all those State Department documents to the WikiLeaks website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life,” Bill O’Reilly said. 2010/11/30/bill- oreilly-calls-tor-the- execution-of- wikileakers-video/

5. Sarah Palin Member of the Republican Party, former candidate

“Hunt down the WikiLeaks chief like Taliban” “He is an anti-American operative with blood on his hands. His past posting of classified documents revealed the identity of more than 100 Afghan sources to the Taliban. Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al-Qaida and Taliban leaders?”

Read more: http:// www.montrealgazette .com/news/Hunt +down+WikiLeaks +chief+like+Taliban +demands+Palin/ 3907070/ story.html#ixzz16yyE pxE8

6. Mike Huckabee Politician

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is the host of the number one rated weekend hit “HUCKABEE” on the Fox News Channel

“Whoever in our government leaked that information is guilty of treason, and I think anything less than execution is too kind a penalty,” the Republican said in an interview.

He added that the latest batch of Wikileaks put American lives “at risk.”

http://www.thestatecolumn. com/articles/mike- huckabee-calls-for- execution-of-julian- assange/

8. Prof. Tom Flanagan

Thomas Flanagan is a political scientist at the University of Calgary and a conservative political activist. He played an important role in helping Stephen Harper become Prime Minister of Canada. On 30th November 2010 in a comment to a Canadian television news anchor Evan Solomon of the CBC News Network on live TV, Tom Flanagan called for the assassination of Wikileaks director Julian Assange, suggesting that President Obama should put a contract out on Assange’s life or send out a drone to kill him. Although news anchor Solomon afforded Flanagan the opportunity to retract his statement, Flanagan continued to say that he would not be unhappy if Assange “disappeared.” profiles/thomas- flanagan


http:// flanagan-julian- assange-should-be- assassinated- video-2733731.html

9. Rep. Peter King

Congressman, republican, he wants wikileaks listed as a terrorist organization and freeze assets

10. Tony Shaffer

Tony Shaffer of the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer, told Fox News that he would like to see military action against Assange: “I would look at this very much as a military issue. With potentially military action against him and his organization.” (While the Obama administration no longer uses the term “enemy combatant,” it claims (PDF) the authority to “detain” someone who has provided “substantial support” to enemies of the United States.)

11. Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum, former Pennsylvania Senato

Read more:

12. Congressmen Peter King

King Supports Reported U.S. Prosecution Efforts of WikiLeaks Founder, calls to designate WikiLeaks as a Foreign Terrorist Organization

“I am calling on the attorney general and supporting his efforts to fully prosecute WikiLeaks and its founder for violating the Espionage Act,

Read more:

“WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States. I strongly urge you to work within the Administration to use every offensive capability of the U.S. government to prevent further damaging releases by WikiLeaks.”

13. Congressmen Dan Lugren

“WikiLeaks appears to meet the legal criteria” of a U.S.- designated terrorist organization, King wrote in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reviewed by CNET. He added: “WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.”

14. Jeffrey T. Kuhner Journalist The Washington Times

Kuhner: Assasinate Assange

15, Virginia Foxx, Rep. U.S. Senate

“WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s talk about transparency is just so much hot air. It is clear that his agenda is decidedly slanted towards tearing apart U.S. foreign relations and eroding our national security. He is a criminal, nothing more.”

“The federal government must use every means possible to bring Mr. Assange and any other perpetrators of this data breach to justice. Their irresponsible and possibly treasonous behavior has put the lives of our men and women serving abroad in new danger. They must be held accountable for their actions.”,55&itemid=1570

16. Senator Kit Bond, Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee

“It is critical that the perpetrator who betrayed his country be brought to justice for this deliberate treason that jeopardizes our national security. ord_id=99cca2d9-f0a7-a270-bae6-1557f687eac7

17. Sen, Joe Liberman Send Brown and Sen Ensigt

Senator Joe Liberman from Conneticut is even promoting ammendments to the Espionage act to prosecute Wikileaks

“Julian Assange and his cronies, in their effort to hinder our war efforts, are creating a hit list for our enemies by publishing the names of our human intelligence sources,” said Ensign. “Our sources are bravely risking their lives when they stand up against the tyranny of al-Qaeda, the Taliban and murderous regimes, and I simply will not stand idly by as they become death targets because of Julian Assange. Let me be very clear, WikiLeaks is not a whistleblower website and Assange is not a journalist.”

19. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY)

“This man has put his own ego above the safety of millions of innocents,” Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) said in a statement. “He should be extradited, tried for espionage, and given the most severe penalty possible.”

20. Marc Thiessen

“Wikileaks must be stopped”

Assange is a non-U.S. citizen operating outside the territory of the United States. This means the government has a wide range of options for dealing with him. It can employ not only law enforcement but also intelligence and military assets to bring Assange to justice and put his criminal syndicate out of business. The first step is for the Justice Department to indict Assange. Such an indictment could be sealed to prevent him from knowing that the United States is seeking his arrest. The United States should then work with its international law enforcement partners to apprehend and extradite him.

https://www.washingtonpost. com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/08/02/AR2010080202627.html

h/t Greg Mitchell


  1. In fairness, agree or disagree with Tony Shaffer, but Shaffer is hardly an armchair general having earned him a Bronze Star and his book Operation Dark Heart, even after censoring by NSA, DIA, and others, makes for fascinating reading.

  2. Until I saw Julian Assange, I had never been proud to be a Queenslander. He is a hero. Wikileaks needs to address the problem of the world wide paedophile network infesting the legislatures, churches judiciaries and corporations running global capitalism.
    Before someone silences Wikileaks, I call on them to release their documentation on world wide child exploitation networks. For the sake of our children.

  3. Tim

    Projection: the tendency to ascribe to another person feelings, thoughts, or attitudes present in oneself, or to regard external reality as embodying such feelings, thoughts, etc., in some way. Such an ascription relieving the ego of a sense of guilt or other intolerable feeling.

    Bootlickers always sound ridiculous trying to defend empire, especially when that empire’s idiocy has been released for all to see. Sadly, their pathetic obedience, sold as courage, always finds them in high places. Very telling.

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  5. Will Weller

    Manning is a traitor, Assange is a publisher. “I may not agree with what he says, but I will defend to the Death his right to say it.”

    Protected Speech is protected not because it is kind, but more often because it is vile, and or unpopular, even dare I say: EMBARRASSING. A Country is only as sick as its SECRETS.

    Patrick Henry, I’m Thinking.

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  7. Mr. Papaya

    Oh, the teeming naivete of feckless Assange neophytes – some secrets are necessary. Would you prefer that everybody knew the finer details of your own proclivities, or perhaps your bank balance and home address details? I’m sure several homeless drug addicts WOULD like that information – which reveals exactly why some secrets do more good when kept.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander – remember next time YOUR privacy is being invaded, perhaps by the government you’re unwisely sneering at; that you supported it in principle. That, or be honest and declare yourself to be the hypocrites that you are.

  8. Allison Kilkenny

    This is a complete mischaracterization of what Wikileaks did. They didn’t release the personal details of civilians. In fact, in this most recent batch, they posted only 1,269 of the more than 250,000 cables they possess: less than 1/2 of 1 %. Furthermore, “WikiLeaks has done very little other than publish the specific cables that have been first released by newspapers around the world, including with the redactions applied by those papers.”

    Wikileaks is filling the void of traditional media – peeling back the state secrets veil to reveal the seedy activities of the most powerful governments in the world. They’re not harassing your grandma.

    And by the way, according to the Pentagon itself, not a single person has died or been harmed in any way because of the Wikileaks cables. Wish we could say the same thing about the illegal war started by the US government.

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