Anti-immigrant border watch group to form ‘private military company’

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Bill Davis, the founder of an Arizona border vigilante group called the Cochise County Militia [motto: “Doing the job our Government refuses to do!”] has taken pride in recent years over what he says is the group’s responsible and safe surveillance of Mexicans coming illegally into the United States. “To this day, it is the most effective, safest and active of the border watch groups,” the group’s website claimed last year. “We have a perfect safety record since 2001 with nobody hurt while attending a Border Event!”

Now Davis is aiming to take a harder line at the border. On Monday, he told supporters via email that his Tombstone-based militia will be forming a PMC — a private military company, which is “completely legal!!!”

– via Border Watch Group to Form ‘Private Military Company’

Really, no surprise here. Combining elements like tough economic times with widening wealth disparity, and hysterical, fear-mongering demagogues, who go unchecked by a negligent political party, can really only end one way — violence. I’m just amazed Davis’s crew hasn’t shot a Mexican in the face already.

Not that the option is off the table, mind you. In bragging about his group’s members, Davis remarked, “They all have confirmed kills, from Vietnam or later on.” Apparently, Davis sees the ability to kill as a desirable trait in what I’m sure will be a totally peaceful movement for border security.

As poor people become more desperate, and Washington continues to either neglect them, or encourage their more bizarre behavior, this type of extremist behavior will only worsen. Earlier this month, tea party leaders and some conservative members of the Oklahoma Legislature declared they would like to create a new militia.

More recently, Governor Brewer signed the shockingly neo-fascist bill in Arizona, which Duncan calls the “illegal-to-be-brown-without-carrying-your-birth-certificate policy.” In response, Democratic Rep. Raúl Grijalva called for a statewide boycott of conventions to pressure Brewer into vetoing the bill. Grijalva began receiving vicious death threats, including two from the same person, “who threatened to go down there and blow everyone’s brains out then go to the border to shoot Mexicans.”

Believe me, I totally get the anger thing. In fact, I think anger is the appropriate response right now since most Americans are getting so epically screwed by the government and Wall Street.

However, the animosity isn’t aimed at the right people. It’s not aimed at Goldman Sachs whose executives traded e-mail messages saying that they were making “some serious money” betting against the housing markets, while average Americans started losing their homes. Somehow, Wall Street has avoided the wrath of the teabaggers, and the militias, even as they hand out $5 billion for just three months of work, after handing out $16 billion of bonuses in January.

Unfortunately, the understandable wrath of citizens has been appropriated by the racist, fringe, right-wing movements. Times are tough, so it must be the fault of the Mexicans, or the feminists, or teh gayz.

When a person loses their job, or their home, it’s easier to look down the social totem pole at the nearest minority and try to squash them just to gain some kind of leverage, power, and meaning again. It’s considerably harder — and takes more courage — to look upward to the real villains, the oligarchical plutocracy.

It takes real grit to stand up to huge corporations and punish them for destroying foreign economies through policies like NAFTA, while simultaneously exploiting cheap labor of immigrants, thereby encouraging more mass migration, and stealing US taxpayer money, and shipping jobs overseas, and exploiting workers to hoard another couple billion dollars in bonuses.

I’m sure there are unapologetic racists within these militia movements, who get their jollies from terrorizing frightened Mexicans, but I also think there are just a lot of scared, poor, desperate citizens searching for purpose right now. They’ve lost faith in everything: the government, their ordained child molesters, the idea of societal security (pensions, jobs, work safety, etc.). But that fear is manifesting in terrible threats and the formation of radical groups like the Cochise County Militia.


  1. andylevinson

    Deport them all…and jail the ones who sneak back in a second time….

  2. Great piece, Allison.

    Just like the Tea Baggers showing up after a black man was elected President, the ignorant racists come flooding out of the woodwork in the guise of patriotism over immigration.

    Hell, if illegal immigration is such a horror upon America why not round up everyone who isn’t a white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant and bring back the internment camps WWII.

    I am disgusted at the comments made by the Governor claiming blatant racism and racial profiling with make it possible to treat everyone equally in Arizona. I would bet everything I have that not a single Caucasian will ever be on the receiving end of this law. If that is not the very definition of racism then I don’t know what is.

    A Marine Corps buddy of mine lives in Arizona and is American Indian. I have no doubts that the Arizona Gestapo will check the papers of him and his family for no reason other than the color of their skin.

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    [...] Anti-immigrant border watch group in AZ forming ‘private military company’ Really, no surprise here. Combining elements like tough economic times with widening wealth disparity, and hysterical, fear-mongering demagogues, who go unchecked by a negligent political party, can really only end one way — violence. [...]

  4. winski

    Nut bags a go-go…. This getting worse by the day and now Arizonie’s new 1) “Show me your papers right now MoFo”, and 2) “You can carry any weapon you want now, concealed and you don’t need a permit!” laws will just spike the probability of violence to a new level.

    What kind of physic break is it going to take, globally, for this kind of mindless non-prioritizing of issues to get back on track?? Why are we trying to reduce the population so aggressively??

  5. Wonderful piece Allison, IF your objective is to spew more Liberal, defy the Law of the Land, rhetoric.

    What part of ILLEGAL are you challenged by? Do you favor releasing all rapists on the grounds they’ve done nothing more wrong than the illegals? America is a land where the RULE OF LAW applies, to challenge those who violate these laws is only facism to you Marxist types that hate America.

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